[This article belongs to Volume - 56, Issue - 01, 2024]
Gongcheng Kexue Yu Jishu/Advanced Engineering Science
Journal ID : AES-13-04-2024-30

Chandini M S, Usha B A

Abstract :

Steganography and irrigation are key areas of the indirect areas of information. Combining the secret messages in digital audio is more complex than the other standard media, such as digital images, the Human Audit System (HAS), multimedia data hiding techniques, digital rights management, secret communications, access phase for controlling the masking process.All the above applications and multimedia steganography techniques should meet two essential requirements such as cognitive transparency and stego subject. The secondary control rate is the high data rate of embedded data. All stego-applications require a higher bit rate of embedded data, but there is a need for diagnostic and encoding algorithms without access to the original multimedia display. The LSB coding is an early technique examined in the area where the digital audio information is hidden and in the drowning area. The main advantage of the LSB encoding system is the overwhelming majority of the Watermark Channel Bit Ratio and Algorithm is a low computational problem that has substantially less strength against major defective signal processing changes. The work mainly focuses on a method that hides the way the viewer suspects it. If anyone knows that there is still data in the audio, it is very difficult to extract the host audio data. The accuracy of detecting hidden information in MP3 files drops with the influence of the compression rate or increases. This drop or increase is caused by either the increase in file track size, the sampling rate or the bit rate. This paper presents an experimental study that evaluates the detection accuracy of the secret data embedded in MP3. Training data were used for the embedding and detection of text messages in MP3 files. Several iterations were evaluated. The experimental results show that the used approach was effective in detecting the embedded data in MP3 files. An accuracy rate of 97.92% was recorded when detecting secret data in MP3 files under 128-kbps compression. This result outperformed the previous research work.